Andy F. (Verified buyer)

August 30 2016
I used to pay more for another brand of grass-fed whey concentrate. With a subscription I pay less for a higher quality whey protein isolate with quality I trust and I never run out.
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Lauren O. (Verified buyer)

August 29 2016
I have issues with dairy and switched to a vegan/plant protein but it tasted terrible and I didn’t feel as good in my workout. I tried Verum and have had ZERO stomach problems and my recovery has definitely improved.
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Alex L. (Verified buyer)

August 28 2016
I appreciate that the lab tests are clearly published. I like knowing what I put in my body and with Verum I know.
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Christina T. (Verified buyer)

August 27 2016
One serving in my breakfast smoothie and one serving after the gym has really helped me loose the last few pounds I wanted.
I feel leaner and tighter.
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Taylor D. (Verified buyer)

August 26 2016
Really clean protein = really clean taste. I don’t even taste in my morning shake. Love being able to change my smoothie ingredients to my mood and not my protein.
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Lindsay T. (Verified buyer)

August 25 2016
I was happy to find an easy way to improve my diet.
My nutritionist told me I needed more protein and Verum has been super easy to add to my smoothies.
I have more energy and feel full throughout the day!
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